In June, TEAM Creative and founder of artist platform, Kickback (@kickback.shows), Nande Walters (@nandewalters) met virtually with musician and visual artist, Ntu, to learn more about his music and new 3D music-responsive platform, “Overture to: A Liminal Field”. Ntu (@ntu000) is a New York-based, Virginia born, musician, dancer, and visual artist, whose work deals with R&B, Pop music and Black Futurism. During his residency at Laboratory Art Residency, he is prioritizing Black queer artists in the new media/technology field.

“Ntu is a musical artist a part of the Laboratory Art Residency (@laboratoryresidency), whose work revolves around the black and queer identity. Watching his Q&A's on IGTV is fascinating because, though he is a musician, his recent project is a 3D music-responsive space. Quarantine is making people produce some really interesting things. We're all analyzing our society and physical spaces and thinking about what's next, what does a post-pandemic world look like?” - Nande Walters, TEAM Creative

Screenshots from @ntu000 ’s “Overture to: A Liminal Field”
Digital Design @nandewalters
Design Assist @thhrift
Ntu captured by @ntu000 @vv.basilio @myboyfriendmiiv @nandewalters @rosewaterbby

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